Hon. Eugene T.K. Bashiru, the most popular man in Chereponi Constituency Politics on Monday interrupted work the NPP youth groups in Chereponi ahead of the proposed Thursday Conference.

According to him, his mentioning as a DCE aspirant is a sign of victory and unity of the party in Chereponi District.

Hon. Eugene Bashiru who spent all his time and efforts to bring all divided members to come and join the fold of the NPP party.

“I have spoken to all party executives both constituency and regional as well as national for all we need is to build and break 8 years term. And with the grassroots, we need a unifier and am the one, stated Hon. Eugene Bashiru.

He later revealed to the news his intention towards the party NPP on Tuesday’s conference in Chereponi.

*For further on this story, call Hon. Bashiru on 0548323312

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