The Paramount King of the Ga Traditional Area, His Royal Majesty King Tackie Teiko Tsuru II and his kinsmen have taken this year’s celebration of the Homowo Festival by the Ga people to the highest level in the history of the Ga Kingdom.

The Ga Mantse and his kinsmen toured over 35 royal homes, sprinkling the traditional meal ‘kpokpoi’ at main entrances to the homes thereby seeking permission to enter them.

In reaching the main courtyards, sprinkling was done at door-ways as well as sacred places reserved for traditional rites.

Sprinkling was also done on the main streets as customs and rites demanded.

King Tackie Teiko Tsuru II sprinkled the festal meal in the full glare of hundreds of people.

This commemorative act was done by their ancestors to show gratitude to the deities for their blessings in providing the people with food after a long famine.

The four-hour tour saw the Ga Mantse fully engaged and connected with his ‘fathers-of-old’ and prayed for the citizenry as he sprinkled the kpokpoi in their court yards.

The citizenry could not hide their joy as they hailed and wished the Ga Mantse a successful reign.

The joyful atmosphere created by the thousands of people was so overwhelming.

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