Since the fourth republic when  Ghana adopted the Democratic means of electing leaders to rule the nation, there has not been any election without spoil/rejected ballots.

Several factors account for this, among them is inadequate sensitization for the electorates.
Just recent past 2020 election conducted by Mrs.Jean mensah, there were significant number of spoiled/rejected ballots which does not promote the development we expect in an election.  Who knows it could have made changes positively for a candidate.

People don’t focus much on the spoilt/rejected ballots but rather the high score.In order to avoid numerous spoilt/rejected ballots during national, district and school elections, School electoral commission organized competitive election for interested candidates vying for  portfolio in the school.

So Osei Bonsu Senior high school used their election conducted to replace the outgoing prefects to demonstrate to the students the best means to cast your vote, urging them to be a good ambassadors to the entire nation thus to extend the knowledge acquired to friends,relatives, siblings especially during national or district level election.

Ahadzi Emmanuel an Educationist, added that the candidates full details must be known to electorates and electorates preferable candidates identity should also be known. That most cases, when people get to the polling station finds it difficult to recognize their choice of candidates leaving them wondering and choose to vote any how. That thumbprint against your favorite, be of your right mood before making selection. In that way, we shall reduce spoilt ballots each election year.




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