A 35 year old man in Dambai, a town in the Oti Region on July 26th 2021 hanged himself to death.

According to an eye witness in the person of Mr. Simon, with grieve elaborated that on that day around 6:30am, he heard a man shouting out which he did not understand do he went closer to where the shout was emerging from, just to find out the 35-year old Mr Gado who has already hanged himself to death.

This has got the people of Dambai worried a lot as to why Mr. Gado did that to himself.

As at now the families are really sad stating that for the past few weeks every thing has just been fun and that Mr Gado didn’t show any sign of something worrying or bothering him. They added that with what has happened, they don’t really know the actual cause.

Raymond Napoleon
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Eye witness
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Mr Simon

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