Founder of the Midnight Prayer Network (MPN) and Chief Executive Officer of the Christ Care Clinic, Rev Dr Amoani Ntiri has asked the members of the Ghanaian public not to condemn homosexuals.
He said homosexuals are human beings just like any other person hence, they should not be attacked.

Rather, he said, Ghanaians should pray for God’s intervention to ensure that they have a change of mind and attitude.
Speaking to journalists during the official launch of the MPN in Accra, Rev Ntiri said he has come into close contact with homosexuals through counselling.

Most of them, he said, are not happy with what they are doing and need divine support to get out of that practice
“Some of them come to me for counselling and I can tell you that most of them are worried over what they are doing but they are engaged in it because of one or two problems they face in life.
“So, I try to understand them and talk to them and pray with them.
“You don’t need to condemn them when you haven’t listened to their concerns and why they are doing that, we have to show our love to them because all of us sin.

“We have pastors whose fingers were cut off because they were once armed robbers and so if somebody is gay should we condemn the person? No.

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