The people and elders of the Chereponi District are eagerly awaiting to hear DCE nominee Eugene T.K. Bashiru to he mentioned as the DCE for the area.

According to the people, he (Eugene T.K. Bashiru is the only option for unity and development of the District.

In consultation with the opinion leaders of the area, Hon. Bashiru stands a bigger chance because, he has been always a part of them and well understands the needs and wants of the Chereponi District.

In an interview, Hon. Bashiru added that, the decision for a DCE should be fairly decided on, but if the opinion leaders choices are bought then it will be a risk business in the area as far as peace and development is concerned.

At the jubilee house vetting, Hon. Bashiru made it known to the vetting committee that, “I am not coming to be DCE for only NPP but DCE for all.

And in consultations with the opinion leaders, Chereponi District will move forward and it is my prayers that the President will not disappoint my people in the Chereponi District, he added.

For further, call

Hon. Eugene T.K. Bashiru on 0548323312


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