A 27-year-old Fulani herdsman has been shot dead at Gbegu, a village near Tuna in the Sawla-Tuna-Kaba district on Thursday.

According to the police, the suspect Datorobary Bribuo claimed the deceased brought his cattle to graze on his farm hence his decision to fire at him.

After hearing about the development, Police proceeded to the scene and found the 54-year-old suspect arrested by the residents of the village.

As he was re-arrested, Mr Bribuo led police to a spot about 800 metres from his farm where they found the deceased Braimah Oumaro lifeless in a prone position with blood oozing from his head.

Photographs of the deceased and the scene were taken before the body was removed and conveyed to Sawla District Hospital pending an autopsy.

The suspect was also detained at Tuna police station for investigation.

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