Today marks the final vetting process for the appointment of a DCE for the Chereponi District which Hon. Eugene T.K. Bashiru has confidence as the one to be appointed.

Hon. Eugene T.K. Bashiru who is in the second time pushing hard to become the DCE of Chereponi District.

Speaking to press after the vetting, T.K. Bashiru advised that, the buying of government positions by officials is also part of the high rate corruption in the country.

Hon. Eugene T.K. Bashiru thanks all supporters of him and also urged them to remain calm for the president to choose him for the good people of Chereponi District.

“I am confident that I will be chosen to champion President Nana Addo’s business of the day, Eugene T.K. Bashiru added.


For more please call Hon. Eugene T..K. Bashiru on 0548323312

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