Many men in Ghana are dying because they have huge responsibilities feeding and taking care of their families, a medical doctor has observed. 

This is resulting in fathers and, for that matter, breadwinners of families dying too young, Dr Degaulle Dogbatsey stated.

In an interview on 3FM’s Sunrise morning show as part of events to herald this year’s Father’s Day, Dr Dogbatsey indicated: “When you are stressed, your immune system is overwhelmed.

“When it is overwhelmed, anything can go wrong in the body including every part of your body. The stress level is all over the world but in our case it is too much,” added the Chief Executive Officer of Medi Moses Diagnosis Center.

Father’s Day will be celebrated on Sunday, June 20 and 3FM has dedicated the whole of June to celebrate fathers.

Contributing to tips to help fathers stay healthy, Dr. Dogbatsey lamented most of these fathers are suffering and that must be recognized.

He called for ways to de-stress to save families the pain of going through hardships after the passing of the breadwinner.

“You have to take care of the family but how you do it nobody cares. The man will have to wake up, plan and try to bring back home something. Especially in this era when people have lost their jobs and you come home and face the emotional stress.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Dogbatsey, who is a crack expert in male prostate, has revealed that more young men are being diagnosed with prostate cancer because of emerging lifestyles.

“The youngest patient I have come across is 26 years old and it’s been recorded. He has a huge prostate and is unbelievable. The fact is the older you get the bigger the prostate becomes but now because of certain lifestyles young people are having prostate issues.”

He, therefore, advised fathers to use their birthdate as a birthday present and screen for prostate cancer.


Source: 3News

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