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Out of a vision to see the world better than we met it, came our provision to further same.
In shot(video below), is the epic beach of Elmina – the former transatlantic slave trade town in the Central Region. Fishing remains one of the major source of livelihoods.

For the fisher folk, their standard of living has been nothing but poor. In homeless shelters, they seek refuge. The boats and canoes have become their beds. For three square meals, it’s simply non-existent in their world.
To worsen their already regrettable situation, many have been led into abusing drugs.

With the leadings of the Lord, my team and I visited them last year on the 17th July, 2020 to not only share the word of the God but equally put the word in action to cloth the naked and feed the hungry. In smiles, they received our donation and the word of God; both of which they truly needed. It was such an awesome time with these drug addicted and impoverished brothers of ours.

As part of events marking our(Complete You Foundation) one year anniversary, we are soliciting for help, in cash or kind, to extend to many of our sisters and brothers in the less-privileged brackets : widows, prisoners, orphans, the homeless. We plead your widows mite in cash and kind to truly touch lives – and not for the traditional show for the cameras.
Remember when you give many things happen: it will be given to you, in good measure. It will be pressed down. It gets shaken together. It runs over. And gets measured back to you…as Luke 6:38 revealed.

Let’s repeat this kind gesture. Any amount – small or big, we look forward to receiving for this. Thank you and God bless you. Kindly contact 0245685415/0248756337 to send your help – or arrange for our picking up.


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