A daylight robbery at Pigfarm in Accra on Wednesday afternoon, has left many residents worried after an unidentified man was shot in the stomach.

Checks by JoyNews’ Maxwell Agbagba revealed that two robbers on a motorbike were in pursuit of the 34-year-old victim who had in his possession a backpack.

According to eyewitness, the robbers chased the victim to the Pigfarm roundabout and then fired five warning shots to disperse persons present as they tried to seize his backpack.

After some seconds of struggle, the armed robbers fired at the victim and made away with his backpack.

An eyewitness who was still present when JoyNews arrived at the scene stated that the victim pleaded with the robbers informing them he carried no valuable. But his plea fell on deaf ears and they shot him to the ground.

“I saw some motorbikes approaching. I heard sounds like gunshot but I thought they were from the motorbikes. The robbers tried to take the backpack from the man.

“He resisted, jumped from his motorbike and opened the bag. He told them he carried no valuables but they still shot him and took the backpack,” he said.

The eyewitness noted that a good samaritan passing by picked up the victim into his vehicle and headed towards the 37 Military Hospital.

The Police after being alerted arrived at the scene, however, were unable to track these robbers down.

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